Secure the benefits
of virtualized and
cloud environments

Virtualization and the cloud have gone mainstream. Enterprise and service provider organizations are looking to these technologies to capitalize on innovation and quickly launch new applications and services. In fact, IDC estimates that spending on cloud computing will exceed $100B this year alone.1 However, cloud adoption is outpacing the development of effective cloud security —a serious problem only underscored by the recent spike in online attacks in the news.

Think security first

As most organizations plan for virtualization and the cloud, they don’t typically think about the unique security challenges they may face. Virtual machines can be highly dynamic, with frequent add, move and change operations. This complicates the ability to attach security policies to the creation of a virtual machine. It also makes it difficult to track the machines as they move, hindering the ability to meet regulatory requirements and corporate security policies. Many organizations today also have workloads that are spread across both private and public clouds. And securing these workloads using legacy security solutions can quickly become overwhelmingly complex.

On top of that you need to consider the escalating amount and sophistication of online threats as they relate to virtual and cloud environments. These threats are compounded by the very limited awareness of today’s complex security landscape and the lack of new security solutions to help protect it.

New solutions to emerging problems

Organizations are putting more emphasis on leveraging the cloud to drive innovation and business growth. However, many still rely exclusively on some form of physical security. These legacy solutions may work as a stopgap for now, but as technology and threats mature, they could become liabilities—they may not be easily updated to protect against the latest threats or they may not work with certain equipment. What these organizations require are dynamic, scalable, and automated security solutions that are designed and licensed to meet the configuration needs of assets that are deployed in virtualized and cloud environments.

A new breed of products is emerging to meet this need. They’re designed to deliver security features that enable organizations to protect traffic between virtual machines within the data center and traffic between VMs and external networks, including the physical network and the Internet. These all-in-one robust solutions are being packaged as bundles or suites and along with full firewalling capabilities include intrusion detection, antivirus, compliance modules, as well as automation management tools for provisioning and deploying VMs.

With great cloud security comes great benefits

These new security solutions are as agile and elastic as the cloud. They allow organizations to take advantage of all the rewards that virtualization and cloud technologies have to offer—from costs-savings, to efficiency improvements, to the ability to boost revenue by quickly launching new applications and services. And they can do it all without compromising on security, performance or control.



Juniper Security

Whether it’s securing the mobile workforce, the virtualized data center, complex applications, or the distributed enterprise, security has never been more challenging or important. Juniper Networks can help you balance security with access to network resources, information sharing and remote connectivity. Our end-to-end security solutions help you connect, protect and manage across your entire network infrastructure, from the endpoint device all the way to the data center, so you’re in total control.

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Virtualization and the Cloud

Virtualization can be an enabler for business agility by creating new services on an elastic cloud infrastructure. The opportunities can’t be ignored, and without the right foundation, nor can the challenges around security, complexity, and scaling with better economics.

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