Changes to Net Matters:
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Since its launch, we have worked hard to make Net Matters a valuable source of information and smart thinking on the network challenges you face on a daily basis—including mobility, cloud computing, virtualization, data center security, next-generation services, and more.

Going forward, you’ll no longer find these insights under the Net Matters banner. Instead, we invite you to visit J-Net Community blogs on where you will find many of the same Juniper subject matter experts—along with resources, insights and conversations about the industry topics you care about.

You are not required to register in order to view J-Net blogs. In order to continue to receive regular emails on your favorite networking topics, you can subscribe to any of the blogs. Just select “register” at the top right of the J-Net blog page and follow the process. If you are already a member of the J-Net community, you can visit the blog of your choice and choose “subscribe by email” from the drop-down menu from the “Blog Options” link. Readers also have the option of an RSS feed without becoming a member.

Thanks for reading Net Matters. We hope you will continue to find the updates, insights and industry discussions you value by visiting the J-Net Community blogs from Juniper Networks.



Software Defined Networking (SDN) is quickly becoming an important strategy for companies looking to improve operational simplicity. Read the latest on how companies are transforming the nature of their networks with SDN.

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Juniper Security

Whether it’s securing the mobile workforce, the virtualized data center, complex applications, or the distributed enterprise, security has never been more challenging or important. Juniper Networks can help you balance security with access to network resources, information sharing and remote connectivity. Our end-to-end security solutions help you connect, protect and manage across your entire network infrastructure, from the endpoint device all the way to the data center, so you’re in total control.

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Next-Gen Services

Next generation services are a golden opportunity for enterprises and service providers. They provide enterprises with a path to smarter and more efficient business processes, and they enable service providers to give their customers a richer, more engaging experience. Juniper Networks has scalable and reliable network infrastructure solutions to help you gain business agility, innovation and revenue.

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Virtualization and the Cloud

Virtualization can be an enabler for business agility by creating new services on an elastic cloud infrastructure. The opportunities can’t be ignored, and without the right foundation, nor can the challenges around security, complexity, and scaling with better economics.

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The consumerization of IT has resulted in an explosion of mobile devices, creating new opportunities for enterprises and service providers alike. Juniper Networks is helping enterprises by enabling users to safely access the network on the device of their choice, making them more productive, and helping service providers to secure their mobile infrastructure and monetize services for mobile subscribers and enterprise customers. Happier, more productive users, and happier, more profitable service providers. Either way, it’s a win-win.

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