When Wireless is
your lifeline.

“You don’t know what you’ve got ’till it’s gone,” goes the song about paving paradise. A wireless outage may not equal paradise lost…but if your wireless network is mission critical, you’re in a world of hurt when it’s gone—even for a few seconds. Wireless access has evolved from a convenience to fundamental infrastructure, as important to many businesses as power and lights. Take away the landlines in a workplace and there may be little or no impact on business. Take away the wireless access in today’s BYOD environment, and business grinds to a halt. More and more businesses have expanded their use of wireless to the point that it’s critical to everything they do.

Because wireless networks have become ubiquitous, it can be easy to take access for granted. But not all networks are equal, and in environments where wireless networks support mission critical business, interruptions can be acutely disruptive. Hospitals paint this picture vividly, with more and more healthcare solutions running over wireless: telemetry and patient monitoring systems, patient and medication records, medical equipment inventories and locations. In education, more learning is happening on mobile devices and in remote locations, and the White House recently announced an initiative to have 99 percent of K-12 schools equipped with wireless within the next five years. In hospitality, manufacturing and many more industry segments, rock solid wireless networks are fundamental to business operations.

Hitless failover means never having to say, “No Connection.”

What separates a wireless network designed for casual use from one that’s ready for mission-critical dependability? Key components—a flexible architecture, system resiliency and hitless failover. A surprising number of networks can be knocked offline for minutes, hours, even days by power outages, service attacks, scheduled or emergency maintenance and upgrades. You need a network that takes advantage of virtualization technology to keep a parallel controller up and running at all times, ready to seamlessly take the baton if the primary controller fails. This is more efficient and more cost effective than trying to keep loaded stand-by systems ready in the event of failure. With hitless failover, upgrades and maintenance operations are transparent to users, easily performed without business disruption.

If your wireless network has evolved, over time, from “nice-to-have” to “have-to-have,” you’ll want to be sure that your network solutions are designed to handle the ebb and flow of traffic and perform with maximum reliability and resiliency. The challenges and demands on your network by increasingly different users and devices will continue to grow, and for many businesses, mission critical wireless is here to stay.



The consumerization of IT has resulted in an explosion of mobile devices, creating new opportunities for enterprises and service providers alike. Juniper Networks is helping enterprises by enabling users to safely access the network on the device of their choice, making them more productive, and helping service providers to secure their mobile infrastructure and monetize services for mobile subscribers and enterprise customers. Happier, more productive users, and happier, more profitable service providers. Either way, it’s a win-win.

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